Simplifying Compliance & IRB Management

Streamlining the Grant Writing Process & Navigating Research Ethics with Ease

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Research compliance and Institutional Review Board (IRB) management are two critical areas concerning any research project funded by grants. Ensuring your project meets all necessary ethical and administrative requirements can be a challenging task. Failure to adequately handle these aspects can cause grant proposals to fall through or face potential ethics breaches.

Tackling Research Compliance

Research compliance generally refers to a broad spectrum of administrative activities tied to ensuring adherence to the many regulations governing research practices. Whether it concerns financial conflict of interest, export controls, human subjects protections, or any other related areas, managing research compliance is a strenuous task.

Researchers spend countless hours poring over paperwork, understanding regulations, and ensuring their proposals align with the complex compliance requirements. Wouldn't it be helpful to bypass these complications and focus on what matters most – carrying out impactful research?

Simplifying IRB Management

Every institution conducting research involving human subjects must seek approval from an IRB. This body ensures the ethical treatment and rights protection of research participants. Navigating through the IRB approval process, however, can be time-consuming and fraught with challenges.

Prepare your research protocols, consent forms, and progress reports, while ensuring every detail aligns with the stringent ethical standards of the IRB can be daunting. But what if there was a simpler way to embark on this journey?

Automating the Workflow

Imagine if you could automate many of the tedious compliance and IRB management tasks, affordably and efficiently. What if there was a single platform where you could draft your grant proposals, ensure they meet all regulatory requirements, and in essence, simplify the entire process?

Automation holds the key to streamlining the process of finding, writing, and managing research grants. It not only saves time and money but also significantly increases the potential of securing the much-needed funding for your crucial research projects.

Embrace the Future with Atom

With Atom, the future of research compliance and IRB management is already here. We provide an elegant solution that helps automate much of the grant proposal development and application process. Atom's platform is designed to simplify these tasks so that you can focus more on the research and less on the paperwork. Get ready to revolutionize your grant application and project management process with Atom.

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