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Atom is enabling research teams to focus on what they love doing most: research.

"Atom has the best search results by far. I am absolutely applying for two of these grants and may even apply for four once I hear back from my collaborators."


Jakita Thomas

Associate Professor

Auburn University

"Traditional grant funding is usually laborious and slow moving, Atom streamlines this process and brings science funding into the modern era."


Jeffrey Koury

Business Dev & Operations Lead


“I've just received my first grant discovery newsletter - I loved it and am looking forward to all future ones.”


Brett Cornick

PhD Candidate

Climate Venture Science

“Every institution is facing a research administration crisis. Atom is helping us make researchers self sufficient.”


Katey Sackett

Research administrator

Rochester Institute of Technology

“Atom has been essential for me and my lab in finding and preparing grant applications. Can't wait to see what they build next!”


John Chapman

PhD Candidate


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